Recent mixes…

Very pleased to be asked to do a guest mix for Sally Love and her Therapy show on the very impressive Data Transmission Radio! Sally played a wicked set at Alfresco 2019 and the first hour of this show is class once more. The second hour is my guest mix featuring lots of dark acid sounds that have been rocking the late Summer for me. Tracks from VoxLow, Damon Jee, Rigopolar and an exclusive remix of New Order from yours truly!

Beatherder 2019, the best yet! Back for my 7th year on the bounce, here is a recording from my closing set on Day 1 at the Perfumed Garden. Dark, late, loud and filthy…turn this one right up!

Big thanks to the lovely people at SXDNS (or Sexy Dinosaur from Outer Space to give them their full title) for asking me to join a very impressive guest mix roster and for their kind words. Check out their blog here, you can listen to the mix below:

Guest mix for the SXDNS crew. Over 2 hours of dark, chugging acid house!

A guest mix of house and disco for the Good 2 Groove boys on Boogie Bunker Radio

A pleasure to be invited to do a guest mix for the marvellous Feed Your Head show on Kane FM, this mix is sleazy like a Sunday morning!

More Boogie Bunker house and disco, featuring a load of tunes from my warm-up set for Graeme Park at the Hoedown in Blackpool

A live recording of the Alfresco boat party, me, Logan Fisher, acid house, the Thames River and a great crowd! What a night!!

Disco, house and the last drops of a memorable Sumer right here!

Big thanks to the amazing mix series “Death by Repetition”, here’s my mix for them, nearly 3 hours of dark stuff…check the blog here and be sure to follow their Soundcloud page

The ace people at Manchester’s “Lost in Music'“ asked me to do a little guest mix for them, here it is in all it’s housey, vocal, disco-tinged goodness! Be sure to check out their mix series here, some wicked stuff and they put on some great nights too!

To celebrate my new remix of Go Satta's "A real boy" (second tune on this mix) I recorded a 3-hour sunset mix, with a dark twist. Enjoy!

Honoured to be a part of the Midnight Riot radio roster, check out the show here with the 1st hour from me and the 2nd from Midnight Riot head honcho Yam Who? Tunes from Joey Negro, Late Nite Tuff Guy, Ron Basejam, Dicky Trisco, Andy Buchan and loads more!

Summer tunes aplenty, disco, soulful house from the likes of Crazy P, Kings of Tomorrow, DJ Koze, Pete Heller, HiFi Sean & Yam Who!

My promo mix for the ever-amazing Alfresco Festival, featuring tracks from most of the headliners. Starting dark, slowing down with some acid in the middle and easing up towards the end with some disco vibes (just like Alfresco really)!! Download link available from the Soundcloud page.

winter warmers - november 2017

Ed's 3rd monthly mix for Collective Souls, this is a slightly different music but a bit less banging! Inspired by the opening track from Mama/Ashley Beedle (Ed's tune of the year) it stays a bit more horizontal with tracks from Larry Heard, Lindstrom, 2 Billion Beats, Kraak & Smaak, Baxter Dury, Flash Atkins, Amevicious and more. One to enjoy in front of the fire as opposed to the dance floor :)

guest mix 'SOMETHING SPÆCIAl' - 23 June 2017

As promised, you can now sink deep into space with Ed's latest blend, created for his German friends, SOMETHING SPÆCIAL (The Robot Scientists).  The 'Spaced Out and Spacial -Deep Cosmic -Balearic -Sythwave Sound' is definitely theirs and Ed was extremely particular about his choice of tracks.  Their description does it much better justice than we could ever hope to; "Space Commander and Chief Selecta Ed Mahon takes you on a wild 2 hour summer wormhole ride through all dimensions of the technodiscosphere, going from dark and slow to faster and harder to a blissful ending. Regularily dropping sonic love bombs on Cowbell Radio, he now put some of his (and our :) eternal spaced out favorites in this fantastic mix".  Thanks to The Robot Scientists

older mixes…

A few more mixes here, loads of differing styles (chug, disco, house, chill-out) but these have proven the most popular so I hope you enjoy!